Lora Hall, AFMS Youth Director


Crack The News, Newsletter for Juniors

Welcome to Crack the News, a newsletter for kids by kids, who love rocks, minerals, and fossils.  All the articles, photos, poetry and artwork in this and every issue are created by teens and kids.  We hope you enjoy the newsletter.  Consider writing an article, creating poetry and artwork, or sendng photos about rocks, minerals or fossils to share with others.  Details about submitting items can be found at https://www.juniors.amfed.org/juniors-newsletter.

Juniors' Handbook

Have you seen the new Juniors Website!!  Go to www.juniors.amfed.org

Future Rockhounds of America (FRA) is a whole lot more than just the badge program!  The new FRA website is packed FULL of lots of recources for activities with kids and teens in YOUR club - Any Midwest Federation Club.  Features like Rock Pals, the Junior Volunteer Award, Contests and rock-related activities for Kindergarten-12th grade kids can make your club attractive to families and increase your membership.  Check out the links below for ideas, and visit www.juniors.amfed.org/rock-mineral-activities for more!


(American Federation of Mineralogical Societies)

Lora Hall, AFMS Youth Director


Try the Quick Start Guide - see what you think.

And be sure to check out all the resources designated to make using the Badge Program easier for busy leaders!  The complete AFMS Badge Program manual by Jim Brace-Thompson is always available on the website, along with supplemental materials that may save you time.

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